Leading program brokers, administrators and consultants use their P3 portal to onboard, assess and triage MGA-MGUs, and help them secure and manage capacity with top carriers and reinsurers. You can also find those professionals and submit your program to them here.

Did you know? On average, carriers and reinsurers only work with ~1% of the programs they review. We increase those odds.


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White-label P3 to Attract, Assess and Onboard Program Opportunities - Join as a P3 Partner

Brokers & Consultants

P3 is the all-in-one platform for you to source, select and place Programs


Access more quality programs through P3, and receive information that is easier to analyze


Focus on the most relevant programs for you, speed up your analysis and grow your business





How It Works for Programs



It's easy. All you need is a company email address and your name, and MGA/MGU or program name.



Complete your program overview in less than 5 minutes and input the code provided by a partner platform or let P3 share your overview with relevant partners



Once a partner has confirmed interest, complete your full application. They will review it and connect further.

How It Works for Partners

P3 helps you see more and better Program Applications, in a curated way, through your own branded platform. We reduce the noise while giving you more exposure to new opportunities as well as better applications and data to make a decision.



Send Program applicants to your branded P3 instance, or review Programs that P3 or other P3 Partners sourced (if they make them visible to you)



Approve an initial program overview, which lets Program applicants fill a more detailed standard profile, along with your unique questions



 As an intermediary,
help improve your program applications, and use Relay to introduce them to capacity providers and manage capacity negotiations

 As a capacity provider,
assess the programs faster thanks to a more structured application, and work collaboratively, either through partner intermediaries or directly


Join P3 as a Partner

P3 is building an ecosystem of premium partners for MGA/MGUs and Programs Administrators.

To maintain the quality and engagement of our partners, each application goes through a thorough review and approval process, and annual membership dues apply. 

Programs Use P3 to Secure a Better Outcome

The Relay Program Placement Platform ("P3" for short) dramatically increases an insurance program's odds of success with the right partners, and speeds up the capacity sourcing and review process.

We listen to our users and partners. Additional functionality is rapidly being added to further speed up and enhance the selection, matching, analysis and administration of programs.


Obtain Quicker Decisions 
from Insurers & Reinsurers

It can take up to a year for a program to go to market, from the moment it started to seek capacity. 

The process does not need to be hampered further by a lack of coordination or lengthy application review timelines due to missing or hard-to-analyze information.


Because program applications are digitized and standardized through their own P3 instances, program intermediaries and capacity providers can review the submission faster, with a higher likelihood of success. 

P3 platform also manages reminders and notifications for all involved, to ensure timely progress.

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Access Top Program Brokers & Consultants

Forward-looking program brokers, administrators and consultants use a P3 instance to collaborate with MGA-MGUs on their application and submissions to Insurers & Reinsurers.

Relay Platform offers a full suite of placement solutions with additional efficiencies for the placement of risk with carriers and reinsurers, which allows both intermediaries and capacity providers to support Programs better.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

A majority of Programs fail to secure capacity at the application stage. Both new and existing programs need to carefully articulate their business case and "story", and share all the supporting data in a preferred format for potential partners.


P3 was designed with program experts to ensure that your program submissions surpass the expectations of program brokers, consultants, carriers and reinsurers.


P3 removes a lot of the guesswork, equipping the MGA-MGUs, Program Administrators and their expert partners with the right submission package . 


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How does P3 work for program brokers, administrators & consultants?

We equip Program Brokers, Administrators and Consultants with much improved technology, to help them intake and support more Programs better and faster. We fundamentally believe in the expertise and value add of program professionals.

Is P3 a program exchange/marketplace?

We do not seek to commoditize the Program business, and do not believe that an exchange concept would work in that space. Instead, we improve the workflow to free time from professionals so they can do what they do best: use their experience and judgment to build the best programs collaboratively. They create more value that way than by writing email reminders asking for missing data - at least we think.

Why would I go through P3?

  • For MGA/MGUs: it will equip you with the best submission package now, in a structured format that is easier to analyze by all program professionals. Increase their engagement and secure their backing faster.

  • For Program Partners: P3 equips you within minutes with a white-label platform that helps you grow and more efficiently manage your flow of program submissions and all related data and communications.

P3 couples the industry's best practices together with the best technology and design execution, for your joint success.

How much does using P3 cost?

There is no direct cost to MGA-MGUs for using P3.

P3 is compensated by brokers, program administrators and consultants, through a small fee on program placements. Carriers and reinsurers can also use P3 as a program management platform. Annual membership dues apply for partners to ensure quality & engagement.


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